SAIMEX International Limited (SIL) represents large Indian software solution exporters and markets their services to North American clients in the areas of:

  • Process Control Automation
  • Client Server Applications
  • Y2K Conversions

Our associates specialise in a verity of fields such as Year 2000, Multimedia, Internet/Intranet, Client-Server, Composer/IEF, Systems Software, Application Software, Conversion/Re-engineering, Process Automation Control etc.

You can depend on us, because we represent companies who provide BETTER AND COST-EFFECTIVE IT SOLUTIONS and are as well full service Year 2000 migration companies. They are well known for their Customised Turnkey Solutions Automated Program Facility, Quality Performance, Migration and Year 2000 Experience, International Presence with Offshore advantage and much more to help companies successfully utilise the latest Information Technology.

The Services:

To meet the growing need for Year 2000 compliance and other software solutions, SAIMEX provides the most cost-effective solutions (Onsite and Off-shore). Our services are cost-effective as we have access to the relatively inexpensive Information Technology professionals from India. We ensure savings to Canadian clients of between 30% to 50% in the professional services required for the Year 2000 compliance and other IT solutions. We believe that by partnering with us, our clients can enhance both their productivity and profitability.

The Technology Support:

Our associates in India have their own dedicated software labs, they can provide total turnkey solutions for Systems Analysis, Systems Design, Software Development, Testing, Implementation and User Training. They provide technology support for IBM Mainframe (midrange), AS/400, HP, VMS Cobol, Cobol-400, PL/1, RPG, Assembly, Client-Server, 3GL’s, 4GL’s, Relational; Hierarchical & Network DBMS, Flat Files and VSAMS etc.

The Experiences:

SAIMEX International Limited is focussed on assisting Canadian clients secure professional and cost-effective solutions for their Year 2000 compliance, as well as beyond 2000 software maintenance and development needs. Our Indian associates have experience working for different business sectors such as Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, Retail, Utilities and Telecommunications etc. They also have their own specialised products and provide excellent technology support for Health Care and the Corporate World by utilising their Hospital Management System and Expert Executive Information System respectively.

The Infrastructure:

Our associates have state-of-the-art development centers across India and in other countries. These development centers are equipped with the latest hardware and software and communication resources, such as 64-KB Internet link etc. They have sophisticated business offices in various countries including USA, UK, Germany, Japan, Singapore and South Africa.

The Dedicated Software Labs:

Well-developed resources are available to set up exclusive software development labs for clients. This helps us in serving our clients effectively and as per their needs. The entire necessary infrastructure, communication facilities, manpower skills, hardware and software environments for the lab are provided by our associates. In return the client just gives a business commitment. The lab effectively becomes a virtual extension of the clients’ own resources. In the mission critical and time bound projects, our associates offer to set up a virtual lab on client-site, which becomes the front end of the actual lab in India.

The Software Maintenance:

Our associates have exclusive divisions specializing in maintenance of software applications. There can be exclusively off-shore or on-site or a methodology of application maintenance but they also specialize in specific business areas. Given the nature of application and operating environment, most effective teams are chosen to undertake the maintenance services.

The Product Development:

At our associates’ offices, significant resources are dedicated to developing their own software products and also customized products according to clients’ requirements. These products cover business applications as well as systems software. They also undertake the complete maintenance of the products developed for the clients.

The On-site Contract Placements:

Through our associates we also offer manpower assistance and consultancy to our Canadian clients. It is done through contract placements of software engineers/professionals with the clients. Depending on the client’s technical and business application requirement, the right personnel are chosen from the vast resource pool available to them.